Fitting in & standing out - 3 practical ideas

Bill Colyer | Jan 5th, 2013

Part 1: Fitting in & standing out

Standing out for Jesus is easier when we understand the choice we’re making. There are a few other practical factors that can also help

1) Find a place where standing out is the way to fit in.

This is why joining a Christian group on campus is so important. You’ll join a community that celebrates courage and conviction. You’ll discover other Christians in your course who are facing (or have faced) the same pressures you are/will. You’ll find ideas and resources that help you know what to do and say when you do stand up for Jesus.

2) Have a few lines ready for ‘those’ conversations.

For the friends who celebrate their immorality, you could ask them if it’s a lifestyle that’s really going to work long-term. For the science-versus-Christianity questions, you could suggest that many scientists don’t see any conflict between science and God ( or search for ‘John Lennox’ on YouTube).

3) Realise that standing out can be the best way to encourage profound relationships with those who aren’t believers.

If you can hold to your convictions while loving and respecting the people you disagree with, that won’t go unnoticed. Sooner or later, most people realise that the best friends are the loyal, brave, honest, loving ones; the ones who fit in by standing out.