God's plans are better than mine

Pete Sorrenson | May 28th, 2012
Image © CreationSwap Megan Watson

It wasn't the way I would have planned it, but then again … God’s plans are always better than mine.

A small group of CU faithful gathered outside the room we'd advertised. It was VERY close to the scheduled start of our weekly ‘The Bible Talks’ meeting. The lecture inside continued on and showed no signs of stopping.  We began to grow impatient …

We double-checked our booking confirmation …  

Oh no!  We'd advertised the wrong room!  The room booked for us was on the other side of campus!  We hurriedly redirected the ‘crowd’.  We posted a makeshift ‘not-our-room’ sign on the door.  We mass SMS-ed our contacts.  We expected a dismal showing.  And then ...

God gave us one of our best-attended meetings in recent weeks, including five newcomers joining us to hear the Bible taught from Acts 8 on ‘Jesus and the Outsider’!

Throughout this term, God has been teaching us in Acts about his absolute sovereignty in all things. He was sovereign in the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus. He was sovereign in the sending of his Spirit, his word and his witnesses into the world. And he continues to be sovereign - even in and through the mistakes of his people - to see that same Spirit, word and witness continue to go out for his glory.

What a great encouragement to know God is sovereign!  What a great reminder of our complete dependence on him!  And what a great motivation to call out to him in prayer - that he would save and change many for his honour and glory!