Monash's mission to Albury

Joanna Holman | Dec 22nd, 2010

After a great few days at NTE in Canberra, a team from Monash Clayton and Monash Gippsland headed off on mission to Albury, a city on the Victoria/New South Wales border. Teams from Monash Uni have been visiting Albury for NTE mission for several years.

One of our major tasks on mission was to give a Christmas presentation at local public primary schools. Between our two groups we performed in 11 schools. Our presentation included a number of very catchy songs (with actions), a play about Jesus being the boss of Christmas and a testimony. Despite a few small mishaps, all the performances happened successfully. A personal highlight was performing in the library at a tiny school in the town of Walla Walla.

Although there was usually a few kids pretending to not be paying attention, the presentation was generally very well received. It was amazing to see so many kids joining in songs about Jesus and listening intently to the play and testimony. We praise God for the chance to join with the local religious education teachers in sharing the good news about Jesus with kids who otherwise may not get a chance to hear it.

We also joined with some of the activities of Albury Bible Fellowship. The women attended a gingerbread house making night where team members gave a short evangelistic talk and shared their testimony. While some of us exhibited a distinct lack of gingerbread-house-making skills, it was a great evening with lots of good conversations. It was encouraging that church members had brought along their friends who do not attend the church. The men went to a bike riding morning where there was the chance to talk about what they had learned at NTE.

We also contributed to the Sunday service and Albury Bible Fellowship. I got to put what I learned in Strand 2 at NTE to good use in a children's talk on Micah 5. Other group members also contributed to the service. We are grateful to Albury Bible Fellowship for giving us the chance to participate in their service and the warm hospitality they extended to us.

Mission certainly pushed me out of my comfort zone, as I'm sure was the case for other team members. I'm glad I went because it was good to be challenged to try new ways of serving and it was exciting to play even a very tiny part in what God is doing in Albury.