United Inc Mission to Helensburgh

Jack Cooper-White | Dec 6th, 2010

An important part of NTE is the post- (or pre-) NTE mission. This is a time when you, as a student, work in partnership with a local church and get to put into practice the things you've learnt at NTE.

Here's what happened on the recent Armidale mission to Helensburgh:

"I went with 12 Armidale people on mission to Helensburgh near Stanwell Park. We had heaps of opportunities to share the gospel with the community. We did stuff like testimonies, leading school Scripture lessons, going door knocking and giving Bible talks. Every day I found myself pushed out of my comfort zone but it turned out to be one of the most encouraging church things I've done. I definitely recommend doing mission to everyone." - Jackpot

Have you got a mission story from before NTE that you want to share with everyone else at NTE? E-mail it to publications [at] afes.org.au.