UNSW Mission: Living for nothing?

Jess Khor | Aug 26th, 2010

This semester at UNSW we decided to run a mission aimed to engage with the 'new atheist' worldview in hopes to ignite some dialogue between the Christian students and the atheist students on campus.

It is worth noting that this year's mission felt very different to outreach events that we have held in the past. There was little to no postering or leafleting or other paraphernalia. We had brochures for students to invite their friends along to events, but that was pretty much all. Despite this I would have to say that God’s sovereignty was unmistakably apparent, with God opening many doors for conversations about the gospel and noticeably being at work amongst the students.

So what did we do?

In our residential college students took up the initiative of making posters and sticking questions on the back of toilet doors. This quickly led to controversy and much conversation over Facebook and dining hall tables. Other students got up the nerve to make fools of themselves for the sake of Christ by standing on a milk crate at various public locations around campus to give their testimony to a small crowd in the hope that passers by would turn and hear the gospel. Others walked around surveying students on their worldviews, and others invited their friends along to talks by one of our very own academics, Lewis Jones. Additionally, we held Question & Answer Panels and a screening of the Richard Dawkins and John Lennox debate on The God Delusion.

Throughout the two weeks God continued to bring students along to events - even Unichurch found itself with 15 newcomers in the one night! God is doing something amazing on our campus. Engaging with the atheist worldview has helped many students to realise how amazing the truth we as Christians have to offer is. For some reason we hold it out with a wavering hand, failing to realise the awesome awareness we have of our place in creation, the purpose of life, the knowledge of a day where there will be true justice, the knowledge of a good and loving God and the hope of things eternal. And yet, even though our hand wavers God is powerfully using these jars of clay to make his kingdom known.