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Campus director

Tony Jenner
[email protected]

Student contact

Tim Miles
[email protected]

About us

We are a group of keen Christians who want to serve Jesus and reach out to others at Charles Darwin University. 


Don't even let lions stop you praying!

Don't even let lions stop you praying! The hardest thing in my week is prayer. Now the praying isn’t hard, it’s just that when it comes to praying, I so easily find so many other more 'important' things to do instead.It’s the same in our campus group CDU Christians. In our Bible studies, prayer is crammed into the...

Aeropress Evangelism

Out with the coffee plunger and in with the aeropress I say. The aeropress is a light-weight, compact, indestructible, and easy to clean coffee maker. Outside an expresso machine, it makes the smoothest nicest coffee I’ve tasted… Best of all, it’s fantastic for evangelism! At the Charles Darwin University...

Colossians 1:24-29