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Campus director

Paul Winch
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Student contact

Jonathan Le
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About us

Our mission is to become such communities of God's people at UTS that everyone is confronted with the magnificent truth of Jesus Christ. We seek, by the enabling of the Holy Spirit, to gather the lost to Christ, to grow in maturity in Christ and to give ourselves in service of Christ, to God's glory. Currently, around 500 students meet in small groups across 9 faculty networks. Other activities include Public Talks, an annual Easter Convention (ETC), and mission teams engaging communities beyond UTS.


Put Your Money Where Your Mission Is

According to numerous sociologists and historians, those of us reading this - middle class westerners - are among the top five to ten percent well-off people of all time.  On any criteria, we are definitely amongst those whom Jesus would have called “rich”, and he had a number of choice words for the wealthy....

The Bible, Prayer & Making It Big

You may have heard about or even seen first hand the new buzz around universities: Bible reading and prayer is really hip with a growing number of students. Students with open Bibles are often seen huddled in student cafeterias or reading their Bible on the train on the way to uni. I, Trevor, a commerce student...

Gospel + Culture: The cult of celebrity

Do you know Jessica Watson? Think hard before you read on … Forgotten? For a few days back in May, it seemed the whole country knew her. She was greeted by thousands of spectators and received an official reception from the Prime Minister and Premier of New South Wales. There was indeed much to celebrate: she sailed...

Gospel + Culture: Web 2.0 & Christian Identity

The technology we call Web 2.0 applications, such as YouTube, Facebook, blogs and Wikis are not useful-but-occasional tools – like a car jack – but fundamental to our everyday existence. In this article I am going to explore this obvious cultural marker as a case study for probing how we as Christians should relate...

Gospel + Culture: Do the missionary thing

How should we as Christians relate to our surrounding culture? Growing up as a missionary kid I was disgusted by some of the local foods, not least because of their preparation method. Despite the health risks, my parents learned to eat such food regularly – with delight! Besides food, there are many obvious...