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Peter Leslie
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Nilakhi Poddar
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About us

FOCUS is the Fellowship of Overseas Christian University Students. We want to help international students Meet Jesus and Make Friends because good relationships with God and each other are what life is about. We meet together to learn more about Jesus and God. We meet together for food, fellowship and fun. We meet together to read the Bible. We meet together to pray. If these sound like things you'd like to do, we'd love you to join us.


Engaging worldviews and crossing cultures

University is a place of great diversity. From where I sit I can see Muslim students purchasing kebabs of halal meat, physio students dressed in track pants studying anatomy, and poster boards where Chinese students advertise for Chinese housemates and everyone is invited to 'Walk against Warming,' 'Demand Justice for...

2) Challenge alternative worldviews

Intro1) Understand your Christian worldviewBut it's likely to take more than a lucid explanation of the Christian worldview to convince someone to become Christian. After all it would take more than a lucid explanation about Hinduism to convince me to become a Hindu. I'd also have to be persuaded that Christianity had...

3) Cross cultures to build relationships

Intro1) Understand your Christian worldview2) Challenge alternative worldviewsChallenging worldviews is a long-term strategy. It takes time to get to know people, understand what they believe and work out whether they live it out. It takes time for them to do the same to us. To challenge worldviews we need to cross...

1) Understand your Christian worldview

IntroA good first step is to know the gospel. This is not as simple as it sounds. When I started uni I believed Jesus died for my sins but had anyone asked me to explain it further I would have struggled. Being able to download a gospel tract is a good start but that's all it is. Good teachers can describe the same...

Spiritual amnesia

My grandmother had dementia. At first it was hard to tell that anything was wrong because she covered up her memory lapses. But when she started to forget my mother (her daughter) it became obvious. She forgot grandpa and, towards the end, even forgot basic life skills. It was very sad to watch. Loved ones and life-...