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Campus director

Tim Omrod
[email protected]

About us

We began 10 years ago with about 5 students, now we're a group of over 70 who meet weekly in God's word together. GCS is a great place to make friends, be encouraged to live as a Christian while at university, and for friends to find out more about Jesus. Any who are interested, or are Christian are welcome to join us. Sign up to receive regular emails through our website, or like our Facebook page for latest updates.


Skeptics Panel Report

Thanks so much to you all for your prayers and supportive emails. I certainly felt carried by the prayers of many on the night. The panel lasted for 3.5 hours, and all questions were from the floor. About 40 people were in attendance, 15 from GCS. The Christian message was made clear, in both content and manner...

Firing-up evangelism

Keeping evangelism at the heart of our ministry can be difficult. When we talk about evangelism regularly, we can leave the students feeling guilty and unmotivated. The best solution I've found recently: celebrate publicly student evangelism victories. This can range from letting friends know they are Christian,...