Crazy Busy (Book Review)

Author:  Fiona Kirsop | Nov 16th, 2015

Written by Kevin DeYoung, 2013

We know we have a problem with busyness. We are busy, we are burdened by our busyness, and not being productive in it. Kevin DeYoung takes us through the sinful heart of our busyness in this insightful, punchy book, and I think it’s worth your time to read it. That, and everyone I know who has read it says that is simply amazing and “I should read it every year for the rest of my life.”

The Message of Lamentations (Book Review)

Author:  Darren Hindle | Jul 22nd, 2015

Written by Christopher J.H. Wright
Part of 'The Bible Speaks Today' Series

What would we lose if our Bible didn't have Lamentations?

In his brief but brilliant exposition Chris Wright reminds us that Lamentations is still a book for us today. Because Lamentations is part of our Bible it still speaks to us today. But is it possible that we have stopped listening?

Chris humbly shows us why it looks like we have lost Lamentations:

The Ministry of a Messy House (Book Review)

Author:  Evelyn Meek | Jul 3rd, 2014

When I received Amanda Robbie’s, The Ministry of a Messy House: Grace in Place of Guilt, my first reaction was: “I don’t need to read about messiness. I’m not messy.”

But I’d volunteered to do a book review (and I got a free book out of it!), so I opened the book praying I would be challenged in my attitude and godliness.

Not surprisingly, God answered my prayers!

As I read the book, I was challenged in many ways. Each chapter deals with a different area of life, but Robbie always returns to God’s grace and forgiveness.

How Will You Invest Your Suffering? (Book Review)

Author:  Dharshi Anendsingh | Jan 23rd, 2014

What’s your life like now?

Perhaps you’re relatively happy. Life’s been good. You’ve got few complaints and a smile on your face.

Or maybe, life hasn’t been so great. You’ve lost loved ones, struggled with sickness, or simply making it to the start of another year is a surprise to you.

In this world, you will suffer

In Invest Your Suffering, Paul Mallard says you only have to live long enough in this world to suffer. The Christian’s story isn’t, ‘I met Jesus and lived happily ever after’.


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