Fitting In And Standing Out

Author:  Bill Colyer | Jan 5th, 2013

The soundtrack for heroism?

Heroism is hard work without a good soundtrack. You see it in the difference between who we love to watch and who we love to be.

Sitting in the cinema, we cheer for the person who stands up against injustice and we imagine ourselves bravely making the same stand. However, when we’re actually faced with the chance to stand up for something, to stand out from the crowd, we often shrink back.

Without a stirring soundtrack, our dreams of standing out fade away. We prefer the comfort and security of fitting in with those around us.

Navigating Piracy

Author:  Rosey Huf | Jan 5th, 2013

At uni, there's a temptation to find cheaper (and seemingly easier) ways to get the music, movies, games and TV shows that we want and the computer software and textbooks that we need. Rosey Huf looks at why Christians should stand out against a culture of piracy and provides some alternative legal and economical ways to access what we want and need.

Beyond survival at uni

Uni can be an awesome time and place to be a Christian. So make the most of it. Don’t just survive. Thrive for Jesus!

Here's some articles and resources to help you figure out uni life and grow in faith, hope and love on campus.

Bible Reading & Prayer Chart

Want to focus on reading your Bible and praying more this year? Download the Bible reading and prayer chart and get cracking. Bible Reading & Prayer Chart

O-Week Bible Reading Guide

This Bible Reading Guide helps you realign your priorities with 5 short readings for O-Week. O-Week Bible Reading Guide

Facing opposition

IFacing opposition

Enjoying freedom

IEnjoying freedom

1) Understand your Christian worldview

1) Understand your Christian worldview

3) Cross cultures to build relationships

Intro 1) Understand your Christian worldview3) Cross cultures to build relationships

Engaging worldviews and crossing cultures

University is a place of great diversity.Engaging worldviews and crossing cultures

2) Challenge alternative worldviews

Intro 1) Understand your Christian worldview2) Challenge alternative worldviews

Measuring success at uni & beyond

As you start uni, have you thought about what it will look like to be successful?Measuring success at uni & beyond

Being content & generous

I find it really difficult to be content. There is always something else that I need or want to buy. I often find myself thinking, “If only I had ... then life would be easier” or “I would be happier if ...” But would I? What more can I get that would truly satisfy?Being content & generous



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