Queensland Training Event 2020

Theme: The Gospel: Unchained
Dates: Dec 7-11 2020
Speaker: Richard Gibson
Location: Mount Tamborine Conference Centre



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QTE is a Christian training event for university students, run by the Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students [AFES]. Our aim is to train students in and equip students with the gospel of Jesus, so they can be sent back to their local campuses, churches, and communities to serve others. AFES is usually able to run a national event (NTE) for students around Australia (and even around the world!). This year we are unable to meet altogether, however, in God’s kindness the Queensland students are able to gather together under the current restrictions. We will meet for a week to study the bible together. On Monday and Tuesday evening, we will livestream into NTE with students across Australia to hear from Richard Chin (AFES National Director) about God’s Gospel: Gravity & Glory. For the remainder of our conference, we will hear in person from Richard Gibson (Principal Brisbane School of Theology) on God’s Gospel: Unchained.  

Please gather with us for this unique opportunity God has provided for us in 2020! 


2020 has been a remarkable year with every facet of life being impacted and changed in ways that we would have never expected. Borders shut, universities closed, jobs lost – where is the good news?
This year at NTE, we’re going back to basics and will be focussing on God’s Gospel: Gravity & Glory.
We will be joining in with students across Australia for 2 online night sessions where we will hear from AFES National Director, Richard Chin, as he unpacks both the gravity and glory of God’s Gospel. You will be automatically registered for NTE when you register for QTE. More info on NTE here https://nte.org.au/

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