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September 2020

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Tue 1 Thank God for a successful start to the University of Newcastle Christian Students' 5 week evangelistic dinner series, 'Why Jesus?', addressing common questions and objections regarding faith. Pray for the remaining 2 weeks: for the speaker Martin, and that many more non-christian friends will join and wrestle with hard topics. Pray that NCS will be bold to share Jesus with all their friends.

Pray for the Bendigo Christian Union at La Trobe University as they continue their Tuesday and Thursday afternoon meetings over Zoom and praise God for this continued interaction with students. Pray also for the BCU trivia night on 1 September; that new students will join in and that reconnections will be made with those who have lost touch with BCU.

Pray for University of Canberra FOCUS'  AGM this month; that God will provide a faithful executive committee for them in 2020/2021.

Wed 2 Pray for the Evangelical Students, Flinders University Adelaide 'J-Day' on 3 September; for God to draw many non-Christians to the evangelistic talk, for ES students to be bold in inviting their friends and be faithful in praying for themselves, their friends and the university.

Pray for the upcoming 'Meming of Life' event for Ballarat Christians at Uni, at  Australian Catholic University and  Federation University, a competition to see who can provide the best memes on the purpose of life, followed by an online awards night. Pray for non-Christians to get involved and to hear the gospel.

Thank God for the recent University of New England, Armidale Christians United committee retreat. Praise God for all those faithfully taking on new roles.

Thu 3 Pray for Murdoch University,   Western Australia Christians United and their social events this month: the Swan Valley trip, movie night and weekly Monday hangouts; that MCU  members will build godly friendships and encourage each other in their walk with Jesus. 

Pray for the University of Western Australia Christian Union committee as they plan their upcoming girls and guys events. Thank God for technology that enabled CU to keep connected during lockdown and also that now CU is effectively back to normal.

Pray for the Christian Union at Australian Catholic University, Melbourne, as they consider student leadership for future years. Praise the Lord for the service of outgoing leaders who are graduating at the end of 2020, and for the influx of new, keen people in these roles.

Fri 4 Pray for Newcastle Christian Students and their FOCUS camp from 4-6 September; that they can plan wisely in a changing environment. Pray that many international students will be enthusiastic and come to the camp.

Praise God for the evangelistic 'Dialogue Dinners' that Australian National University, Canberra FOCUS members have held in recent weeks, and for all the good conversations coming out of those dinners.

Pray for the Bathurst Christian Students executive team at Charles Sturt University as they make decisions in early September regarding the future of BCS on campus and online. Pray that they will keep their doctrine and mission at the centre of the decision making process.

Sat 5 Pray for Bond Christian Students at Bond University, Gold Coast; that they will continue to spread the gospel and to share Christ's love with the student body in spite of the current restrictions.

Pray for the James Cook University, Townsville Christian Union's 'Festival of Hope': an early Christmas lunch and evangelistic talks. Pray that CU will be visible on campus, that CU members will invite their friends and that the lunch will be attended by many.

Sun 6 Give thanks that Covid-19 restrictions have eased, allowing for in-person gatherings to resume for Subbies  and FOCUS at the University of Tasmania, and for the continued support of the university and the wider community.

Pray for the Christian Union at Deakin University Burwood, Victoria and their AGM this month; that God will grant them wisdom and guidance in electing a new executive team to lead the club next year.

Mon 7 Pray for the Evangelical Christian Union at the Sydney University Cumberland campus and their evangelistic weeks focussing on certainty in relationships, life after uni, and unexpected circumstances. Pray that ECU friends will come to know Jesus and know certainty in life through Him.

Pray for Evangelicals on Campus, at the Australian Catholic University, North Sydney; that many will be motivated to be involved in EOC activities despite being unable to meet in person and with challenging levels of motivation.

Pray for the Notre Dame Bible Fellowship committee at University of Notre Dame, Fremantle, to have the energy to do their uni work and committee work in a way which glorifies God. Pray especially for the NDBF staff workers who are finding it difficult to get things done and engage with people online.

Tue 8 Pray for Credo at the University of Technology, Sydney as they are in the middle of their leadership process to raise new leaders for 2021. Pray also for their faculty missions, and social activities being held over the coming weeks; that they will be great opportunities to foster community and to share the gospel with classmates.

Give thanks that University of Southern Queensland Christian Students are able to meet up on campus again to fellowship with one another and be equipped through weekly bible talks.

Wed 9 Pray that Evangelicals on Campus, at the Australian Catholic University, Strathfield will be diligent and fruitful in their discipleship and evangelism as they seek to read 'Uncover Mark' one-to-one. Pray that EOC members will be trained through this and that many would come to know and trust Jesus.

Pray for the Sydney University Evangelical Union as they navigate the realities of some students being on campus, and others not. Pray for EU in the uncertainties and challenges this brings as they plan activities, AGMs, and elect student leaders for 2021.

Thu 10 Pray for the continued impact of the University of Wollongong Uni Bible Group's 'Jesus Weeks' that were held at the beginning of Semester 2. Pray that the conversations about Jesus will be fruitful, and that students on campus would grow in their boldness to share the gospel in all spheres of their life, relying on Him. Thank God for the opportunities to meet face-to-face and online.

Thank God for the ten different evangelistic triplet bible studies as well as an 'Introducing God' course with two non-Christians attending, run by Monash University, Clayton's Christian Union and FOCUS this semester. Pray that the Holy Spirit will bring these students to repentance and faith in Christ.

Fri 11 Pray for Orange Christian Students at Charles Sturt University as Semester 2 started with a staged return of some students with many working through the extra load of theory and practical catch up. This has meant less opportunities for connection with OCS. Pray for wisdom to make the most of every opportunity and pray for the raising up of new leaders and for the AGM this month.

Pray for Bond Christian Students to continually depend on the Lord's wisdom and direction in how weekly meet-ups and events are carried out.

Pray for the University of Melbourne  campus and the city in lockdown; that people will seek Jesus in the apparent hopelessness. Pray that God will work through the Melbourne University Christian Union to save people who are seeking Him, and that MUCU's online ministry will be fruitful in making Jesus known.

Sat 12 Thank God for all the people coming back to Charles Darwin University Christian's 'Friday Night Connect' in Casuarina, NT, and attending the new evangelism course started by one of the chaplains this semester. Pray for great connections with CDU especially given the long break and lack of contact last semester due to coronavirus restrictions.

Pray for Geelong Christian Union's international student ministry FOCUS  at Deakin University; that it will continue to flourish during this time.

Sun 13 Pray for the University Fellowship of Christians at the University of Tasmania, Hobart as they recruit student leaders for 2021. Pray that God will bless the group now and into the future with many keen Christian students who want to share the gospel with their friends and classmates.

Thank God for the great turnout at UWA CU's recent evangelistic event, a screening of the CPX documentary, 'For the Love of God'. Pray for fruitful follow-up and that students will have opportunities to read 'Uncover Mark' with the friends who came.

Mon 14 Give thanks that God has provided amazing testimony sharing possibilities for the Adelaide Evangelical Students at the University of South Australia. Over 50 ES students have filmed themselves sharing the difference Jesus has made in their lives and posted the videos on social media. Pray that these testimonies reach those who are lost, and encourage them to ask questions and seek to know Christ as Lord.

Tue 15 Pray for University Fellowship of Christians at the University of Tasmania, Launceston as their current staff worker will be finishing up at the end of the year, as he seeks to be more equipped through Bible college. Pray for God's guidance in finding a new staff worker to grow the ministry and for new student leaders to lead, with or without a staff worker in 2021.

Pray for the Bendigo Christian Union AGM on 15 September, and for those students who will lead in the new year.


Wed 16 Pray for the Melbourne University Christian Union as they undergo a leadership changeover; that the incoming leaders will faithfully lead MUCU to 'reach out, build up, and send out', and that the outgoing leaders will be able to rest and reflect on their time and growth in MUCU.

Pray for the Geelong Christian Union's AGM on the 16th of September, as GCU elects a new committee and gives thanks for their outgoing committee.

Pray for Port Macquarie Christian Students; that their hearts will be soft and open to receive the truths they are learning about prayer each week.

Thu 17 Pray for Sydney University EU faculty groups as they create evangelistic opportunities targeted at those in their area of study and seek to read 'Uncover Mark' with friends. Pray for great connections as each week this semester is a 'heightened evangelism week' for different faculties where they amp up their evangelistic efforts for that week.

Pray for God to raise up people for a new leadership team for the Monash Parkville Christian Union.

Pray for wisdom for the Ballarat Christians at Uni student executive regarding restructuring student leadership because of a lack of ACU candidates. Pray for many first years from ACU to get involved in 2021.

Fri 18 Give thanks for the way God has so graciously provided for Credo at  UTS throughout this year: for all the new mission opportunities and the connections made with students. Pray that many more will connect with Credo so that they may hear and believe the good news about Jesus!

Pray for the many people engaging with Bathurst Christian Students at the 'Tuesday Night Live' events; that God will soften their hearts and draw them into a relationship with Him. Pray for those running these events; that they will continue working faithfully to share the gospel message.

Thank God for the many ABCs (Bible study triplets) at Deakin Uni Burwood's CU that have been meeting to read the Bible. Pray that these groups will continue to grow in number and in maturity.

Sat 19 Pray for Evangelicals on Campus at ACU, Strathfield as they seek to connect with more people and to grow their community. Pray that it will be on the hearts of EOC members to stay involved and engaged despite the current circumstances. Pray that they will continuously trust in God's work and perfect plan.

Praise God for Howard and Trisha Spencer as Howard finishes his global missions (and more!) work with AFES later this year and prepares to take up a new role with IFES/GBU Belgium through CMS in 2021. Pray this may inspire others to consider offering for missionary service for, “the harvest is plentiful... so we pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out labourers”.

Sun 20 Pray for the non-Christians at CDU Christians who are weighing up the cost of following Jesus. Pray that they will truly see Jesus, recognise Him as their Lord and Saviour, and turn to Him in faith and repentance.

Pray that God will give the Monash Uni Christian Union and FOCUS, student committee wisdom as they prepare for handover next month and that He will provide new committee members and equip them for faithful campus ministry.

Mon 21 Pray for Murdoch Christians United as they continue to spread the Gospel across campus through their stall, bible studies and social events. Pray that MCU will reach non-Christians by shining the light of Jesus.

Pray for the Christian Union at Victoria University; that God will raise up and train next year's executive committee to continue to grow in God's word and to reach people through it.

Tue 22 Praise God that by His grace, Flinders University ES can meet face-to-face on campus again! Pray that ES will continue to rely on God for how to best engage with students and keep Jesus at the centre of all they do.

Pray for students at ANU FOCUS who are coming along to weekly public meetings, 'The Bridge' meetings (international student ministry), small groups and prayer meetings as the semester becomes more busy. Pray for wisdom as FOCUS navigates whether to gather in person or online.

Wed 23 Pray that the 'Questions About Christianity' videos shared by Port Macquarie Christian Students will both strengthen the faith of those who create them and impact all those who watch them.

Pray for the almost 200 East-Asian and Sub-continent students who are hearing the hope of the gospel for the first time this semester through UTAS FOCUS  and Subbies.

Give thanks that JCU's Christian Union is able to meet in-person again for Bible talks, Bible studies and training courses. Pray that God will continue to grow their fellowship as they seek to reach the campus.

Thu 24 Pray for FOCUS at the University of Wollongong Uni Bible Group and the new contacts from 'Jesus Weeks'; that good connections will be made and that people will come to know Jesus from the bible. Pray for core FOCUS  members as they finish this year and need to make decisions about going home or staying and finding work. Pray that they will keep growing in their faith.

Pray for the emerging FOCUS group at USQCS Toowoomba. Thank God for the opportunity to reach out to international students.

Fri 25 Pray for Cumberland Evangelical Christian Union as they prepare their hearts and minds to finish their journey together, with Cumberland campus closing down later this year. Pray for wisdom as they plan how to finish well and prepare to join the Sydney University Evangelical Union in 2021. 

Give thanks for the continued planning for the National Training Event (7-8 December 2020) and the NTE theme of 'God's Gospel: Gravity and Glory'. Pray for all the elements of this online event as they come together and that many will be able to 'gather' online to learn about the gravity of God's gospel, found in His glorious Son, Jesus Christ.

Sat 26 Pray for University Fellowship of Christians at the University of Tasmania, Hobart's 'Engage' day conference on 26 September; that many will come, build relationships, stretch their theological thinking and dig deeper into practically working out gospel truths in their life on campus. 

Pray for EOC at ACU, North Sydney as they look for people who can serve next year as Bible study leaders and on the Exec team, and pray for those who are currently serving; that they will be motivated, faithful and continue to be strengthened by God’s Word.

Sun 27 Thank God for ongoing evangelism at University Fellowship of Christians, Launceston, through students reading the Bible with their friends, even while the campus is closed and with the difficulties of connecting with other students. Pray that students will have a love and concern for the lost and that the Spirit would bring many to know Christ for themselves 

Pray that the Monash Parkville Christian Union's 'Christians in Healthcare' videos will reach more people and create some great connections to be able to share the good news of Jesus.

Mon 28 Pray for the Christian Union at Victoria University; for wisdom to reach new people and overcome the barrier of lockdown in this uncertain time.

Praise God for the blessing of a campus worker, especially during Covid-19 restrictions, ensuring that CU at ACU  Melbourne is ministering to each other and to others during this time.

Pray for those involved in NDBF at UND Fremantle to become more enthusiastic and engaged in club life and that they will hear and know the gospel through attending bible studies and other activities. Pray for those who are finding daily life and study difficult under the current circumstances.

Tue 29 Pray for a potential new event being planned by UNE Christians United: a study day/night with an emphasis on evangelism through bringing friends and having devotionals before the study sessions. Pray for the planning of this event and for non-Christians who may attend.

Thank God for continued Covid safety in the AFES National Office and pray for the team as they meet sometimes in person and also online; for unity of purpose and God's blessing on their work.

Wed 30 Give thanks that the four smaller online Bible studies worked well for Orange Christian Students in Semester 1. Pray for B, a non-Christian friend of one of the students who started to come at the end of semester. Pray that he will continue to have good conversations with his friend and put his trust in Jesus.

Pray for University of Canberra FOCUS as they receive a new staff team in 2021 alongside the current FOCUS staff worker.


Prayer Points this month from: 
Evangelical Christian Union - Sydney University Cumberland campus, NSW || Viet Mai 
Port Macquarie Christian Students - CSU, UNSW, UON: Port Macquarie, NSW || Daniel Young
Monash Parkville Christian Union - Monash University, Clayton, VIC || Sarah Wan
Evangelicals on Campus - Australian Catholic University, Strathfield, NSW || Keely Soo 
Christian Union - University of Melbourne, VIC || Eloise Ferguson
Orange Christian Students - Charles Sturt University, Orange, NSW || Greg Blanch
University Fellowship of Christians - University of Tasmania Launceston campus, TAS || Cameron Clifford
Newcastle Christian Students - University of Newcastle, NSW || Sam Webb
Uni Bible Group - University of Wollongong, NSW || Michelle Wales
Evangelical Students - Flinders University, Adelaide, SA || Kylie Richards
Murdoch Christians United - Murdoch University, WA || Cayley Martin
Christian Students - Charles Darwin University, Casuarina, NT || Eliza Cook
University Fellowship of Christians - University of Tasmania Hobart campus, TAS || Anita Olivier 
Credo - University of Technology, Sydney, NSW || Cooper Rispin
Christian Union - Victoria University, VIC || Regan May
Christian Union - University of Western Australia, WA || Tom Grice
Evangelical Union - University of Sydney, NSW || Jacob Madden
FOCUS & Subbies - University of Tasmania, Hobart, TAS || Lucy Garner 
Bond Christian Students - Bond University, Robina, QLD || Noah Yeo
FOCUS - Australian National University, Canberra, ACT || Isabella Ostini
Geelong Christian Union - Deakin University, Geelong, VIC || Rebecca Dumesny
Christian Union & FOCUS - Monash University, Clayton, VIC || Jared Turnley
Burwood Christian Union - Deakin University, Burwood, VIC || Xiang Tee
Evangelical Students - University of South Australia, Adelaide, SA || Jessie Mullett
Christian Students - University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba, QLD || David Kayir
Bendigo Christian Students - La Trobe University, Bendigo, VIC || Darcy Wilson
Christians United - University of New England, Armidale, NSW || Madlen Jones
Christian Union - Australian Catholic University, St. Patrick's campus, Melbourne, VIC || Jemima Cummings
Bathurst Christian Students - Charles Sturt University, Bathurst, NSW || Lachlan Batley
FOCUS - University of Canberra, ACT || Lawrence Monro
Christian Union - James Cook University, Townsville, QLD || Macey Smith
Ballarat Christians at Uni - Australian Catholic University, Aquinas campus & Federation University, Bathurst, VIC || Samuel Winzer
Evangelicals on Campus - Australian Catholic University, North Sydney, NSW || Corey Knight  
Notre Dame Bible Fellowship - University of Notre Dame, Fremantle, WA || Naomi Ninan