Darren Hindle


Ministry Trainee

By God’s grace I'm at Deakin Christian Union sharing the news about Jesus; teaching and applying the news about Jesus; and helping Christians in living out and defending the news about Jesus at uni, home, church and more. I’ll be doing this in 2015 and 2016 as an AFES ministry apprentice. I’m currently preparing for long-term ministry to serve in Japan! Are you interested in partnering in Christ’s mission at Deakin by prayer, finances and/or encouragement? If YES, please contact me :)
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The Message of Lamentations (Book Review)

Written by Christopher J.H. WrightPart of 'The Bible Speaks Today' Series What would we lose if our Bible didn't have Lamentations? In his brief but brilliant exposition Chris Wright reminds us that Lamentations is still a book for us today. Because Lamentations is part of our Bible it still speaks to us today....