Dave Walker

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Striving for sexual holiness

Part 1: Dealing with lust, sex & pornIf you’re going to use your sexuality for God’s purposes at uni, sure it will require hard work to put sexual sin to death. But more importantly it will require prayer for God's grace to radically transform your heart, so that you will actually want to live his way in the first...

A Living Hope: Reflections on Hope & the Resurrection

One of the tensions we face as Christians in Australia is that, on the one hand, we want those around us to believe the gospel yet, on the other, our lives are so much like theirs that they ask: "Why?" Many Christians live lives that are, for the most part, indistinguishable from those around them. But just as the...

JCU's Mission to China

In July this year, nine students and a staffworker from James Cook Uni's Christian Union went to China for 2 1/2 weeks for a short-term mission. We went to work with a Chinese-based missionary organistion. Our aims in going were: run English and soccer 'summer camps' for Chinese students; share the gospel, as...

Jeremiah 1

Science and Christianity