Jess Khor

Proclaiming the crucified and risen Lord Jesus at Newcastle University


Women's worker

Having grown up in a non-Christian family, it was not until my final year of uni that I first heard about Jesus (an historical figure that I really didn't know anything about). As I asked questions and read the bible for myself, I found out that Jesus is the one who gives true life, reveals God & makes us right with him. Get to know Jesus, he will change your life.
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Evangelism on Uni Campuses

The first thought that comes to mind when I think of evangelism on Campus is walk-up evangelism. You know, when you walk up to a complete stranger and ask if they’d like to hear about Jesus? Immediately, I feel guilty because I haven’t done enough of it and at the same time I feel that dread in the back of my neck...

UNSW Mission: Living for nothing?

This semester at UNSW we decided to run a mission aimed to engage with the 'new atheist' worldview in hopes to ignite some dialogue between the Christian students and the atheist students on campus. It is worth noting that this year's mission felt very different to outreach events that we have held in the past....

Passion World Tour

The Passion World Tour recently made its final stop in Sydney on Tuesday 21st October 2008. Not knowing what to expect, we arrived to a queue that stretched all the way around the Sydney Entertainment Centre. You could feel the anticipation in the air. The evening started with music from Chris Tomlin, followed by...