Uncover and Apologetics


'Apologetics' is a fancy Christian word for answering people's questions about Jesus and faith.

And questions will probably come up as you read Uncover (or even as you invite someone to read it with you)!

In fact, a whole sequence of the videos on the Uncover website deal with some of the most common questions we anticipate.

Each short video also has a longer essay attached to it that will help you take things further. And if you would like even more resources to help you wrestle with your friends questions, the AFES website is a good place to start.

Click on each of the questions below to find a collection of relevant articles, audio and other resources AFES have produced over the years:

Are the Gospels historically reliable?


Does science contradict faith?


How can God allow suffering?


Are Christians arrogant to say Jesus is the only way?


Do I have to decide now?


Is it enough to live a good, moral life?


Did the resurrection really happen?