Preparing for Uncover

Want To Make The Most Of Uncover?

Of course you do! Here are 4 ways you can make the most of it:

1. Pray for God to work through Uncover

We can expect God to do big things as we proclaim Jesus! He caused Luke to be written so people can know and respond to Jesus.

Let's plead with our Lord to rescue many on our campuses.

2. Talk to each other about Uncover

Uncover will work best when you, your student committee and your campus staffworker all plan and pray together.

How can Uncover help you proclaim Jesus on your campus?

(Do you have enough copies for your campus? Order more HERE.)

3. Start reading Uncover with a friend

Invite a friend to read Luke with you using Uncover!

You don't need any special training or expertise to read Uncover with someone. Between the Uncover Gospel and the website, everything is at your finger tips!

As you do this, ask: What excites me afresh about Jesus? What parts do I want to explore more?

4. Become an AFES Uncover Lover

Keep up to date with what is going on around Australia by liking the AFES Uncover on Facebook.

And join the AFES Uncover Lovers' group to share stories, ideas, tips, questions and ask for prayer.

Is There Anything Else I Can Do?

You can download an A5 PDF with these 4 points (below). Maybe you could print it and hand it out to your group -- or post it on your group's website or Facebook page.

You may also like to check out the Uncover Campus Planning resource (below).

The Planning resource will help you work out how to integrate Uncover with what your group is already doing -- and figure out how you can make the most of Uncover in 2015.