Uncover Training Modules

Why Be Trained For Uncover?

You do not need to be an expert to use Uncover. It is designed to work as is, straight out of the box!

In fact, one of the best things about Uncover is that it will train you as you use it. In particular, it will train you as you:

pray widely,

invite personally,

and read expectantly.

How does this train you?

  • As you pray widely, you will learn to open your eyes to the opportunities all around you.
  • As you invite personally, you will develop the habit of getting to know and love the people God puts in your life.
  • And as you read expectantly you will be stirred to look for God to do the work he loves to do through his word.

So grab a copy of Uncover. Get praying for opportunities. Then start inviting and reading. And we'll see what God does!


What's Included In The Training?

Yes! There are six training modules that have been put together to help you to make the most of Uncover on your campus. God willing, they will help you develop confidence in God and a desire to help your friends uncover the real Jesus through reading Luke’s Gospel with them. They include:

  1. Picking Up Uncover
  2. Trusting God To Speak
  3. Personal Evangelism
  4. Developing Relationships
  5. Responding To Questions
  6. Leading Someone To Christ
There are also additional resources which may help. Use it in addition to the Training Modules*:
  1. Module 1: What Did You Expect?
  2. Module 2: Preparing For The Meeting
  3. Module 3: How to Uninstall Stalling
  4. Module 4: From The Public To The Personal; Sharing Your Story; Pathways Through Luke's Gospel
  5. Module 5: Understanding People's "Defeater Beliefs"
*Note: There is no additional resource for Module 6.

How Do The Modules Work?

The best training will come from actually using Uncover and experiencing it for yourself. As a result, each module is a combination of:

  • Ministry Moments. Sharing how God is using us to share the gospel of Jesus on campus.
  • Theology. Exploring how the Bible shapes our understanding of evangelism.
  • Ministry skills. Learning some general evangelism skills.
  • Reading Uncover. Practice reading Luke -- and getting excited about Jesus -- using Uncover.
  • Prayer. Entrusting ourselves and others to our great God.


How Do I Use The Modules?

The training modules are formatted as six 50 minute sessions. But how you actually use them is up to you.

There are a variety of options:

  • Run them as a 6 week training course.
  • Take all your Bible study groups through them in Semester 1.
  • Do the first one at a Regional Uncover launch day when you and others from around your area gather to dream, pray, share ideas, etc.
  • Use them at your launch/welcome/connect camp at the start of the year.

Pick and mix them to get whatever combination will work best for your campus group.

Download a ZIP file with the 6 participant outlines (plus accompanying additional resources) below.  A leaders' guide is also available as a (password protected) Staff Resource. Ask your campus staffworker to grab it and work through it with you.

You can also order bookmarks for your campus, as shown in the attachment below.

Please note: attachments with an asterisk (*) require a password from [email protected].