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About us

At QUT Christians, we're all about Jesus. We want Jesus to play a massive part in everyone's time at university.

We want students to grow in their faith in Jesus. We want students finishing uni with a stronger, deeper faith than when they began. We want students to be committed to growing themselves and others. Our Bible talks and Bible studies dig deep into God's Word to feed that growth.

We want to love God and others. We want to nourish a profound sense of gratitude for what Jesus has done. We want to be living sacrificially for the sake of God and for others on campus.

We want to reach QUT with the news of Jesus. The good news is too good to keep to ourselves! We are open to people from all relgious backgrounds to come and explore Jesus. We equip students to be speaking about Jesus with friends.

Put Jesus at the centre of your uni life. Come join us!

Campus Contact

Bill Colyer
[email protected]

Jeremy Crouther (president)
[email protected]