At MTCC (Mt Tamborine Conference Centre), from 6-10 Dec 2021.

All NTE plans are in line with government and venue Covid-19 rules. 

More info at www.nte.org.au/qld

Have questions? email [email protected]

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Strand Group
Strands are to be taken in order. First time at NTE you should choose Strand 1 unless in Year 12 or Investigating Christianity.
Late registration fees of +$20 apply from November 1st 12:00am AEST onwards.
Please note that we can only cater for the following dietary requirements. If you have any allergies, please click Other and enter your allergies. Please also note that the site unfortunately cannot cater for a Vegan diet.
Please note that the site cannot cater for a Vegan diet
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NTE21 Tee - $25
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Throughout the week we may need volunteers to help with various aspects of the conference e.g. ushering, onsite registrations.
Your donation will help other students with less money afford to come to NTE-QLD